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The Pakistan Agriculture Development (PAD) project (funded by USDA’s Food for Progress program) aims, inter alia, to addressing value chains inefficiencies and thereby contributing in increased production and reduced post-harvest losses for date, tomato, chili, and banana in Sindh and Punjab provinces. By encouraging adoption of good agricultural practices including support for knowledge transfer and infrastructure development like processing and storage solutions, pack-houses and other new technologies, the project improves the lives of farmers and other value chain partners while boosting the agricultural economy of the country.

PAD focuses on contributing to the following two United States Department of Agriculture’s Food for Progress Strategic Objectives:

  • Increased agricultural productivity by building the capacity of producers in improved productivity and profitability; training producers in improved production techniques; post-harvest handling, marketing, sanitary and phytosanitary practices; and providing grants and loans for equipment and agriculture inputs.
  • Expanded trade of agricultural products by developing both domestic and export market linkages; facilitating trade relationships, researching export opportunities; promoting a coordinated and strategic approach to building market share by associations and promoting food safety issues and requirements.

Effective with the release of this consultant announcement, Winrock International will be recruiting qualified consultant to conduct four stakeholder workshops, one per value chain (banana, dates, chili & tomato) in Sindh, Pakistan. The responsibilities, level of effort, duties and qualifications for this assignment are described below.

Purpose and Objectives of the Assignment:

Sustainable food systems development is a key goal of PAD’s work. With increasing demand for a range of foods, value-adding activities are essential to prolong shelf life and provide nutritious food products. PAD work focuses on improving the participation of smallholders in existing agriculture value chains through increased storage and preservation of food, value addition, food processing, packaging and marketing for increased incomes, job creation and employment generation.

This consultancy will support in the execution of the project’s interventions and related activities through the identification of potential private-sector investors that can be engaged for PAD in-kind grants program especially for the infrastructure development.

Scope of Work

The Scope of Work for the assignment is appended below:

  • Familiarization with PAD project objectives and interventions including grants program and review of grant priorities and roll out process.
  • Review report on Post-harvest Market Analysis for Horticulture in Punjab and Sindh.
  • Identify and prepare list of potential participants of the workshops, in consultation with PAD team and suggest facilitation required to ensure their participation.
  • Develop workshop methodologies and materials in association with PAD program staff.
  • Design and prepare innovative participatory facilitation methodologies, including mind maps and/or matrix maps to encourage discussions leading to identification of potential investors for engagement by PAD’s with its in-kind grants program.
  • Identify publicity and other materials illustrating technologies and infrastructure appropriate for private-sector investment in selected four value chains (banana, dates, chili & tomato), in consultation with PAD program staff.
  • Workshop must be participatory and must be designed to provoke critical review and thinking amongst the participants.
  • Conducting consultations with key stakeholders by specifying their role in the entire program.
  • Conducting four one-day stakeholders’ workshops each on banana, dates, chili and tomato value chains.
  • Compilation of workshops reports clearly outlining the recommendations and action plan for implementation.

Anticipated Tasks and Activities:

  • Desk review of documents including in-kind grants program and report of post-harvest market analysis for horticulture in Punjab and Sindh.
  • Prepare list of potential participants of each value chain stakeholders’ workshop.
  • Develop workshops methodologies and materials.
  • Identify publicity and other materials to illustrate technologies and infrastructure.
  • Determine venue (suitability), logistical and other requirements for holding the workshops.
  • Conduct four workshops, one per value chain (banana, dates, chili & tomato).
  • Identify potential investors for engagement with PAD’s grants program
  • Preparation of drat and final reports

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Masters in Business Administration or Economics with at least 5 years work experience in the development sector
  • Experience of conducting and facilitating workshops and seminars with renowned national/international organizations
  • Knowledge and experience of using participatory approaches and innovative facilitation techniques
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Good interpersonal skills and ability to negotiate shared positions
  • Excellent communication skills and fluency in English
  • Strong understanding of development sector and its needs preferably in agriculture sector

Duration of Consultancy:

Ten persons days as follows:

  • Preparatory work and report development (six persons days)
  • Conducting Stakeholder Workshops (four persons days)


Interested applicants should submit their cover letter and resume directly through brightspyre or to [email protected]. Winrock International is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.