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I. Job Title: Program Associate

II. Project Name and Objective: The USAID Punjab Enabling Environment Project (PEEP), Contract Number AID-391-C-14-00002. The projects interventions, are targeted to improve the business environment by advocating policy and regulatory reforms through consultative mechanisms in Punjab. This has helped spur private sector investments leading to increased employment and incomes in the Agriculture targeted subsectors namely Livestock, Dairy, Horticulture and Food. PEEP stakeholders include private sector entrepreneurs, civil society actors, local universities, business service agencies, chamber of commences & industry, trade associations and the Government of Punjab. 

III. Job Classification. Long-Term Local Support Staff.

VI. Ultimate Authority and Chain of Command.  Day-to-day field supervision and authority for all PEEP personnel and all aspects of PEEP activities rests with the Chief of Party (COP) or his designee. The individual holding this position shall take no technical direction from any individual who is not formally employed in the chain of command between the individual and the COP or the COP’s designee.

V. Reporting Responsibilities. For all routine responsibilities and duties, either directly or indirectly related to this job description, the individual holding this position shall report to COP or his designee.

VI. Position Objective, Generally Applicable Functions, and Specific Tasks.

A.    Position Objective. The Program Associate is a member of the PEEP Team with job responsibilities concentrated in promoting private sector investments in agriculture and allied sectors. Identification and development of activities, partnerships, training needs for inclusion of youth in livestock, dairy, agriculture and food subsectors of Punjab. Additionally, the position will work on periodic program reporting for the project to USAID.

B.     Specific Tasks. The Program Associate shall perform the following specific tasks for PEEP:

  • Assist the project management in developing and implementing the PEEP annual work plans, and developing and implementing corresponding workplan activities;
  • Collect, analyze and present information for identification of areas for program formulation / implementation.
  • Assist in designing and implementation of the Youth Engagement in Agriculture and Rural Sectors (YEARS) portfolio of the project;
  • Facilitate PEEP stakeholder consultative processes and gather data feeding into the preparation of Project strategies focusing on the technical expertise provided by the component leads;
  • Assist the Chief of Party, Component Leads, and M&E Specialist to compile, prepare and edit the monthly, quarterly and annual reports.
  • Coordinate with Operations and Communications staff to organize events to implement program activities;
  • Plan and arrange meetings with key stakeholders and partners and prepare information packages and PowerPoint presentations for the meetings. 
  • Coordinate, establish and maintain an informal network from the relevant sectors to ensure information/knowledge sharing and dissemination
  • Ensure proper reporting, filing and archiving of all relevant administrative, technical and programmatic documents. Maintaining data and record of all related documents in electronic and hard copy files.

C.    Generally Applicable Functions. The individual holding this position shall perform the following general functions:

  • Perform tasks necessary to ensure successful implementation of the work plan activities for component III thereof;
  • Provide technical assistance that would spur private sector investments through youth entrepreneurship in agriculture and related sectors
  • Ensure weekly, monthly, quarterly updates of relevant portions of the project’s work plan and component’s thereof;
  • Ensure that personal behavior and performance are fully compliant with the project’s policy manual;
  • Exercise professional interpersonal skills to effectively work with all project staff, counterparts and other stakeholders;
  • Conduct all business in a manner that respects local culture;
  • Maintain high ethical standards at all times, avoiding any actual or perceived conflicts of interest;
  • Abide by all local laws, USAID regulations, and US Embassy/USAID project directives; and
  • Perform any and all other tasks as may be assigned in a manner that contributes to achievement of the project’s work plan and objectives.

VII. Policy and Procedures.  With respect to all policies and procedures related to this position, written guidance in the form of the  Project’s Field Personnel and Operations Policy Manual will be issued and updated from time to time that will clarify, modify, and/or establish  Project policies and procedures that govern either directly or indirectly the duties and responsibilities of this position.  It is incumbent upon all Project employees to stay apprised of all policies and procedures in the Project’s Field Personnel and Operations Policy Manual, as updated. In addition, should the individual holding this position be unclear at any time as to the meaning of any policy and/or procedure presented in these files, or any verbal instructions given by the employee’s supervisor, the employee has the right and obligation to request written clarification from the Chief of Party or his/her designee.

VIII. Qualifications and Educational Requirements.  The individual holding this position shall possess the following:

A. General Qualifications/Skills/Competencies

This individual must: 

  • Be a technical professional with expertise in developing and managing development activities for private investment portfolios;
  • Ability to perform successfully as a member of multiple teams;
  • Good report writing, editing and research skills;
  • Fluency in both English and Urdu required;
  • Proficient in the use of relevant computer technology (internet, word processing, spreadsheets, database and others); 
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision, to prioritize work assignments, to meet deadlines, and to exercise good, professional judgment that reflects positively on the image of PEEP and Chemonics;
  • Skilled in conducting research and due diligence on investments in key agriculture sub-sectors with strong report writing, and analytical skills
  • Builds and manages new partnerships;  
  • Ability to work under tight deadlines and can efficiently handle multiple tasks;
  • Previous work experience with USAID/ international donor/ investment agency/ Agriculture Sector is highly desired

B. Educational Requirements

  • Bachelors (Honors) degree in International Development, Business/Public Administration, or Social Sciences from a leading Pakistani or foreign university. Master’s degree will be preferred.

C.    Experience

  • Minimum 03 years of relevant experience in corporate or development sector
  • Experience of working with youth as a target group will be preferred.
  • Experience of working on USAID or other donor funded programs will be preferred.
  • Knowledge of Agriculture and its sub-sectors (desirable).