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Position Summary 

This position is responsible for ensuring educational infrastructure construction works are completed to programme standards. The position shall monitor and verify the works, providing technical assistance and other capacity building interventions to reduce capacity gaps by interfacing with PTC/SCs, CCSIs, Contractors and School Support Team colleagues.

Location: Punjab

Reporting and Supervision: This position will report to District Sr. Engineer

Specific duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Construction Supervision and Monitoring

Conduct Inspections (26 Minimum per school, based on Milestones and Sub-Milestones).  Perform MANDATORY site visit for all major concrete pours (foundations, columns, grade slab, and roof slab/beam) for the entire time of the activity.  All Visits to Active Schools (where construction is underway) to be conducted with Contractor Site Engineer.  A minimum of 12 Unique School Site visits per week, with accompanying inspections is a basic requirement.

  • All Inspections to include the following information on MIS as applicable:
    • The name(s) of the Contractor Representative, CCSI Members on site for inspection.
    • Observations, related to the particular inspection.
    • The recommendations made in the case of failure and the stipulated time for issues to be addressed (details in MIS and concise version in Site Register).
    • A clearly agreed re-inspection date with the contractor representative.
    • Accurate Photographs related to the specific details in the inspection.
    • All required construction forms to be filled and attached e.g. Contract Variation Orders, Rebar Approval Forms, Material Approval Forms, Source Approvals, Bar bending schedules, concrete test results, non-compliance reports etc.
    • For re-inspections (because of failure of previous inspection or delays), District Engineer will be required to make a specific entry addressing the resolution of the issue.
    • All MAJOR MILESTONE VISITS to require JOINT MEASUREMENTS (with District Engineer & Contractor Engineer together) on site. 
  • Ensure that the Contractor has maintained the updated site records on site.  These include (but not limited to):
    • Quality Control Plan
    • Health & Safety Plan
    • Construction Schedules
    • Drawings
    • Site Register
    • Contract Statement of Requirements/Specifications
    • Statement of Requirements (Scope of Work)
    • Hard Copy Record of All Documents
    • Monitor and enforce the widespread use of PPE Equipment & Removal of Debris and report child labor instances to SDE and DM promptly.
  • Submission for approval of a bi-Weekly Schedule for the following weeks travel to School Sites to the District Manager. 
  • Any other task assigned by Supervisor.

Liaison with Community Development Coordinators

  • Close Liaison w/ the Community Development Coordinators to ensure the following:
  • Coordinate the first visit to a newly baseline surveyed school with the CDC to provide Engineering input to the Statement of Requirements.  This visit is MANDATORY.
  • CCSI Members are present at the time of the 5 Major Construction Milestone Visits.
  • To ensure that any non-technical/community school related issues are addressed expeditiously.

Coordination with Humqadam Staff

  • District Engineer must coordinate with the District Manager, Sr. District Engineer & Community Development Coordinator regarding the final inspection date, conduct final inspection, document punch list and subsequent site handover back to the school administration. 


  • Verified the submitted invoices based on the joint measurement sheets that were previously agreed to by joint measurement on site.

Minimum Qualification and Experience required:

  • Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering (BSc)
  • Registration with Pakistan Engineering Council
  • A minimum of 2 to 4 years of experience in construction supervision of infrastructure project, especially building construction. Experience of managing multiple contractors’ sites would be preferred.
  • Experience of processing contractors’ invoices.
  • Understanding of local community and related cultural sensitivities
  • Written and spoken English as well as local language(s);
  • IT Literacy: able to use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel at an intermediate level plus knowledge of Smartphone / tablet  applications; and
  • Good knowledge of quantities survey
  • Knowledge of Site layouts.

Note: Shortlisting can be done anytime before the deadline of the advertisement.