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Relevant Experience:

• At least 16 year education or Masters degree in Social Sciences and relevant disciplines / Project Management/Masters in Business Administration / Masters in Public Administration

• Minimum 5 years of relevant experience in managing gender development, women’s development program or program components within a larger donor funded rural development or poverty alleviation program preferably with an International development sector organization.

• Experience in developing specialized tools for gender mainstreaming implementation strategy.

• Proven skills in writing, preparing tools, curricula, reports and strategies.

Required Competencies

• Demonstrate professional competence and knowledge of the pertinent substantive areas of work.

• Proven experience in liaising/coordinating with the donor and donor supervision mission; creating linkages and building relationships with stakeholders.

• Knowledge of methodologies and best practices for promoting gender equality, equity and women empowerment in general.

• Proven experience of capacity building and training skills for communities, partner organizations etc.

• Able to impart comprehensive gender based knowledge to communities through identification and transfer of best practices and lessons learned.

Job Description:

Incumbent will be responsible for the following:

• Understand and implement Gender Action Learning System.

• Prepare relevant gender mainstreaming tools for the project toolbox.

• Provide gender related inputs to all the tools required in the toolbox and for curricula for various CRP categories.

• Supervise and ensure delivery of the implementation of tools and curricula at all levels from project team through partner organizations to grassroots level.

• Assist in review of organization’s gender strategy.

• Organize the deliver capacity building sessions/trainings for partner organizations on gender mainstreaming.

• Ensure meaningful participation of women and inclusion of other vulnerable groups across all activities including community institutions.

• Ensure disaggregation of data reported at all levels.

• Review proposals presented to organization for financing to ensure gender aspects are incorporated effectively.

• Provide technical assistance to partner organizations to develop their own gender strategies and action plans.