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Job Description:

  • Communicate with perspective customers in understanding their needs and suggest them solutions and services. 
  • Communicate with existing customers and provide them support in their recruitment process.
  • Manage CRM for customer information and management.
  • Provide support to internal teams on the customer management and relationship. 
In addition, a person with following abilities will be preferred. 
  • Understand and use social media to handle and communicate campaigns around the company's work.
  • Excellent writing skills to write blogs and conduct basic research. Any existing work to showcase such examples will be preferred.
  • Excellent people to people skills to meet students, fresh graduates and understand the job search landscape.
  • Excellent in using tech tools.
The person must exhibit the attention-to-detail, be a team player and keen to learn new skills all the times. 

At, we value skills more than the number of years in experience. So if you’re fresh candidate with internships in your profile and with desired skills then please apply