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Minimum Education: BS/M.Sc Geophysics

Minimum Experience: 3 Years

Job Description:

Be productive crew members able to take charge of parts of the planning and quality control of the recording data, enforce and update procedures to maintain client and company specifications.  Spend time in the field with other crew sections and facilitate quality improvement by providing them helpful feedback.

Specifically this involves:

1.   Ensuring that the recording parameters are correctly applied in field – involves field trips

2.   Notifying Field Geophysicist on any shot point or receiver point location changes during recording or quality issues encountered.

3.   Collating and checking survey data and producing planning files for Observers.

4.   Receiving recorded data from Observers and completing quality checks.

5.   Field QC of, and processing of, low velocity layer (LVL) and uphole surveys.

6.   Working diligently to improve skills and knowledge.

7.   The job holder must be fully competent in all aspects of more junior jobs such as trainees (and their training modules).



Reports to the Sr. Geophysicist