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Minimum Education: Bachelor Degree

Minimum Experience: 10 Years

Job Description:

Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to:

1. The Chief Observer participates in the identification and assessment of the hazards specific to his operation and in the establishment of control and recovery measures.

2. He prepares a plan for field recording operations according to contract requirements by reviewing existing operations reports and literature with regards to HSE, Permit and logistics.

3. He validates all Recording Procedures, Checklists and Job training.

4. He organizes and controls all aspects of the cable workshop including all geophone, hydrophone and cable repairs and tests. All records of repairs are kept in a repair logbook.

5. He collects the daily recording program from the Geophysicist and distributes among the Recording foremen.

6. He performs and documents daily instrument tests and ensures all monthly tests are made on time and with due process.

7. He submits his daily, weekly and monthly production report to the Geophysicist.

8. Ensures recording operation operates within the crew and company safety procedures.

9. At the end of day, deliver safely all seismic data to the Seismology section, including tapes, Observer report, etc.

10. He reports all Unsafe Acts/Conditions and Near Misses and ensures the implementation of the programmed safety pep talks, safety meetings and safety audits for his department and takes part in accident investigation according to the system in place.


Reports to the Party Chief and QC office