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The Empowerment, Voice and Accountability for Better Health and Nutrition (EVA-BHN) is a five year initiative, primarily focussed on the ‘demand side’ of RMNCH & nutrition services and complements the ‘supply side’ activities under the broader Provincial Health & Nutrition Programme (PHNP) framework through: 1) Enhancing Communities’ understanding of their health rights, entitlements and engagement in monitoring the planning and delivery of services, 2) Facilitating opportunities at all levels for citizens and civil society to engage with duty bearers to hold them to account for the delivery of services and 3) Innovative & out-of-box solutions for supply and demand of RMNCH and nutrition services. EVA’s Theory of Change envisages that “if citizens who are aware of their rights and entitlements, are organized and provided the opportunity to raise their voice, the state will respond”.

The Project that will end in March 2019 is designed to contribute to the goal of reframing citizen-state relations for better RMNCH-N services in Pakistan. This has led to the creation of a holistic model of social accountability that uses multiple components to foster an ecosystem for accountability for the purpose of improving health services for women and children; including community based monitoring of local health facilities, trainings for journalists, engagements with religious scholars and provincial level advocacy. As part of these efforts, EVA-BHN supports and facilitates a network of community groups and District Advocacy Forums (DAFs) which identify local issues and raise them with state-based duty-bearers and non-state powerholders.

The EVA-BHN project recognizes the importance of these change agents for society and have held few capacity building sessions on various topics in order to equip them with skills and knowledge to play an instrumental role. These training materials/ modules have helped in gaining a better understanding of themes like citizen participation, accountability, advocacy etc. In this regard, EVA-BHN seeks to hire services of a consultant to compile existing training modules developed during the project for a range of stakeholders to share information and strengthen partnerships. This assignment is expected to facilitate relevant stakeholders beyond the project duration.


The overall purpose of the assignment is to review, update and compile a general citizen voice and accountability training content, methodology, and handbooks with assistance from a consultant who has practical experience in designing and delivering training for range of stakeholders including civil society, line departments and local elected representatives.

Strategic Objective:

To design a professional layout and customize the existing training modules for the wider use of the networking agencies and/ or government entities. Some specific objectives will include:

-          Review the existing training modules and suggest ways for strengthening them further by adding up additional sections including lesson plans, tools, visual aids, alternative methodologies etc.

-          Organize the training modules in a professional layout that facilitate both trainers and trainees in conducting training or adaptation of learning in easy-to-use manner

-           Translate the modules or the intended handouts in Urdu for the intended end users such as citizen and volunteer networks at the community level

Key Activities/ Tasks:

  • Inception meeting with EVA-BHN;
  • Study relevant training materials and meet with relevant teams;
  • Design the customized training module with all required tools (e.g, self-assessment checklists, discussion questions, exercises);
  • Present the suggested layout of the training g modules and get endorsed by the relevant teams
  • Translate the training related materials from English to Urdu;
  • Translate and submit the final version of the training module in Urdu.


  • 1-2 page brief of the assignment at the inception
  • Detailed assignment workplan
  • Consolidated designed training module on various themes including facilitator’s guide/ methodology, training material, presentation, handouts, etc. This should be well formatted and in a ready to print format.
  • List of contents of  training module
  • Revised  training curriculum for citizen voice and accountability from various existing modules
  • Revised and updated relevant workshop materials including lesson plan, methodologies, handouts, guidelines, pre and posttest etc.

Duration of Assignment:

The overall duration of the assignment is approximately 7 days.

Application Requirements:

  • A brief profile of the consultant alongwith CV
  • Description of the proposed methodology
  • Detailed proposed budget

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Proven track record of atleast 5 years in curriculum design, development and training facilitation.
  • Competence and experience in developing training manuals for citizen advocates.
  • Excellent communication and writing skills.