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Under EVA-BHN funding has been made available through the Health and Nutrition Innovation Fund (HANIF) to foster innovative and out-of-box solutions to increase the access and impact of services in maternal health and nutrition which particularly benefit poor women and girls. The fund focuses on demand, service delivery and social accountability related to RMNCH and nutrition services to reduce maternal and child mortality for the benefit of poor communities.

HANIF’s Purpose:

“To fund innovative solutions leading to improvement in health and nutrition services for women and children in Punjab and KP”.

For HANIF innovations are defined as the testing of a new idea, a new way of implementing an existing idea or  the adaptation/scale up of successful ideas from other geographical areas and sectors’.

Three funding streams are available to potential applicants. These have been designed to allow a wide range of organisations to apply to HANIF depending on the quality of evidence available on intervention efficacy, assessed likelihood of intervention success, and applicant capacity to implement.

Stream 1: Funding up to 50,000 GBP this is for Pilots that are being tested for the first time and

Stream 2: Funding up to 200,000 GBP this is after the pilot is tested it is implemented after making necessary changes in the design.

Stream 3: Funding up to 400,000 GBP is for Scale up that demonstrate success during pilot or innovation followed by implementation stage

HANIF invites projects on priority topics that are linked to PHNP like Family Planning, Skilled birth attendance, Nutrition and Immunisation from eligible applicants. The projects funded by HANIF are implemented in Punjab and KP and cover one priority area. These projects have to be evaluated independently to establish their success and potential for scalability, sustainability and replicability in a wider geographical area with additional grant funding.

Delivery date 30th November 2018

Scope of work: HANIF fund have started its operations with three rounds and few projects through competitive process. This assignment is to document in an innovative way and through infographics, pictures success, focusing on challenges, grants innovation, process of implementation, key success of each grant programme with stakeholders data and information, key success stories, reasons of success/failures, sustainability, the assignment is to produce two hand books 100 copies each with full color and on 120 gram mat finish paper.   

The objective of the handbook is to provides with evidence-based knowledge around key challenges faced by HANIF in funding innovative ideas,  documenting reasons for lack of innovative ideas in health public and private sector, engaging more effectively with citizens.

· Accelerating public/private service innovation and scaling it,
· Achieving greater sustainability and inclusiveness;
· Building resilient institutions and excellence in public services.

Proposed Methodology:

There will be two handbooks. The handbook themes are described below:


  • Innovation challenges faced in Pakistan in public & private sector
  • Lack of Health and Nutrition Equity in Pakistan
  • Innovation in health and nutrition sector
  • Why sustainability is a key challenge key in Innovation/ challenge funds
  • Lesson learning for Donors and clients and how to implement innovation funds


  • Developing, designing and printing of each grant funded through HANIF as per TORs’ with the narrative, infographics and pictures and content in at least following sections
    • Abstract/Commentary/Summary
    • Introduction
    • Problem area
    • Innovation Tested
    • Test results
    • Policy recommendations
    • Sustainability
    • Key challenges and success
    • Desk review of existing documents of the innovations projects that will include:
      • Proposals
      • Progress Reports
      • Project reports, strategies
      • 3rd party evaluation/assessment reports
      • Designing the handbook layout
        • Title Cover
        • Back cover
        • Pages layout and numbers
        • Separators
        • Designing infographics and doodle art
        • Thematic photography
        • Printing of handbook, 120 gm, mat finish, full color

Note: All Government taxes applicable as per law.