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Relevant Experience:

 2-4 years’ experience in the field of education working with children.


 Job Description: 

Primary Responsibilities (80% of time):  

1)    Visit classrooms regularly to observe instructional strategies used by Fellows to provide guidance /  mentoring to Fellows.

2)     Guide Fellows to set and achieve ambitious student achievement goals, through various mechanisms, including but not limited to individual reflection sessions, small-group workshops and creation of instructional plans.

3)     Connect Fellows with resources, strategize and develop individualized solutions to their instructional challenges.

4)     Design and conduct ongoing workshops to build Fellows’ skills.

5)     Develop institutional knowledge of best teaching and training practices through frequent documentation and interaction with program design staff.

6)     Develop and maintain relationships with partner schools.

7)     Facilitate conflict resolution between Fellows / partner schools / other teachers etc.

8)     Be the main point of contact for Fellow queries regarding HR, Finance etc.

9)     Establish and maintain relationships with the school communities.

10)  Establish and maintain relationships with the local NGOs where applicable.

 Additional Responsibilities (20% of time):

1)     Provide support with respect to Recruitment activities as required.

2)     Provide support with respect to Selection of best candidates for the Fellowship program.

3)     Provide support to the monitoring unit with collection of data when required.