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Relevant Experience:

 B.Sc/M.Sc  in related field (Aflatoxin Management) with 1-2 years of experience. 

Job Description:

  1. Work under the guidance of Project Scientists and Project Manager
  2. Review and publish at least two articles on aflatoxins in fresh produce supply chain
  3. Prepare the schedule and protocols for field sampling of selected horticultural commodities
  4. Organize sampling of plant and fruit; and associated materials for analysis of aflatoxins in selected commodities
  5. Establishment and maintenance of biocontrol container laboratory at NARC
  6. Develop protocols for the laboratory and field performance and results of biocontrol agents of aflatoxins
  7. Collect quantitative data during filed survey and lab based studies
  8. Write progress reports, develop brochures, and present scientific publications
  9. Organize and conduct meetings, workshops, seminars, visits, and briefings
  10. Any other assignments required for satisfactory completion of the key role requirements

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