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Separately enclosed and sealed financial and technical proposals must reach Center’s office by August 25, 2017: 5:00 pm. Interested parties must send their email queries, if any, by August 22, 2017 to:,

The subject line of email queries should be “Sukh Initiative - Video Documentary” Responses to email queries will be posted online on August 18, 2017 on the following link:


Please submit technical and financial proposals in separate sealed envelopes clearly marked “Technical” and “Financial,” to:

Admin Section

Center for Communication Programs Pakistan

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Technical proposals should address the abovementioned required qualification and financial proposal should have detailed as well as summery budgets. 




Center for Communication Programs Pakistan (Center) is a non-governmental organization providing technical leadership in strategic social and behaviour change communication design, programming, research, and capacity strengthening. Center is partnering with the Aman Health Care Services (AHCS) in implementation of a five-year family health program in Karachi, Pakistan, titled ‘Sukh Initiative’ aimed at uptake of family planning practices and services. In this respect, Center requires services of a qualified firm for production of a short video documentary on Sukh Initiative. 


Promotion of family planning and ensuring access to preferred contraceptive methods for women and couples is essential to securing the wellbeing and autonomy of women, while supporting the health and development of communities. Despite a family planning program that spans almost five decades, Pakistan has shown very little improvement in this sector and since the 1960s the Contraceptive Prevalence Rate (CPR) has only increased by 0.25% annually until 1990. The CPR rose more sharply from 12% in 1990 to 33% in 2000; with much of this increase occurring in rural areas and in traditional methods. In the following decade, the CPR languished again and was 30% in 2006-7 and remain stagnant around the same mark. Of the nearly 24 million Married Women of Reproductive Age (MWRA), 17 million do not use any family planning. Karachi ranked amongst the top ten most populous cities of the world with a population estimated to be more than 21 million and CPR 45%. There is some evidence that population pockets within Karachi have CPR rates far below the national average.

In this context, Sukh Initiative was launched in 2013 as a multi-donor funded, family planning and reproductive health project, primed by AHCS. The Initiative is aimed at increasing the use of modern contraceptives by 15% among one million married women in selected communities of the periurban areas of Karachi in towns of Korangi, Landhi, Big Qasim and Malir. The prescribed framework of activities for achieving the mission is based on its three broad objectives:

•          Increase demand for family planning services;

•          Improve access to family planning services and improved quality of services; and

•          Ensure the long term sustainability of the program

The broad goal is to empower families to access contraception by increasing knowledge, improving quality of services and expanding the basket of choices; contributing to the goals of Family Planning 2020. This goal requires expanding access and quality of both services and actionable information for the poor and vulnerable populations in urban Karachi.

The operational leadership and oversight is provided by a Program Management Unit, housed at Aman Health Care Services. Under the program head, the Program Management Unit coordinates the activities and interventions of the program that are carried out by implementing partners. The program is being implemented by a consortium of seven implementing partners having expertise in their areas of operations. These partners include two subsidiaries of Aman Health Care Services, i.e. the Aman Community Health Program and the Aman Telehealth and national and international organizations namely Aahung; Jhpiego; DKT Pakistan; Agha Khan University and Center for Communication Programs Pakistan. All these partners have their specific areas of operations as per their expertise and are complement each other through teamwork.

On the basis of the strengths of its implementing partners, Sukh Initiative is implementing a menu of synergistic interventions to address barriers to contraceptive use. This menu of interventions includes: door-to-door service delivery; motivation and counselling through face-to-face discussions and dialogue with women, men and youth; provision of a 24/7 health helpline; and family life education for young girls and boys. Sukh Initiative is striving to improve the quality and access of family planning services available locally at the public and private health facilities. Efforts in this regard include supporting and developing capacity of maternity homes offering post-partum and post-abortion family planning services.

Sukh Initiative ensures wide dissemination of program learning to government as well as non-government actors supporting family planning initiatives in the country and outside. The program engages with local leaders, civil society stakeholders, donor agencies and policy makers at local, provincial, national and regional levels with an aim to sensitize the need for greater focus on family planning and reproductive health in the society and creating enabling environment.


The purpose of this TOR is to seek services of a qualified firm for production of a short video documentary on Sukh Initiative.


A short video documentary that creatively and concisely introduce Sukh Initiative as a family planning project, launched in view of the existing gaps highlighting its different program interventions, challenges as well as intended change in the socio-economic setting.


The short video documentary will be used to formally introduce Sukh Initiative as a much-needed family planning project making viable interventions for long turn family planning objectives. It will help bring viewers at par with what Sukh Initiative aims as a project, and how it empowers families, in particular women and youth, to make better family planning and contraceptive related decisions in their best interest that would contribute towards peaceful and prosperous life. It will also help increase the interest of audience, in particular policy planners, and health managers in shaping health environment for the beneficiary communities.


The overall goal of the video documentary is to introduce Sukh Initiative as a family planning project in view of the existing development gap, which aims at increasing the contraceptive prevalence rate by 15% in the periurban Karachi. The audience after having watched the video documentary will have:

  1. Immediate realization of the need with which Sukh Initiative was launched as a development intervention.
  2. Understanding of scope and scale of Sukh Initiative;
  3. Increased knowledge of healthcare status in Karachi, particularly in periurban areas, focusing on reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health and nutrition;
  4. Better realization of key challenges and issues in delivery of FP services; and
  5. Introduction of how Sukh Initiative through its various interventions is helping address the challenges and ensuring access to quality FP services for different communities in the program catchment areas.
  6. Act as an interesting resource for highlighting the entire project


The video documentary will be used in both executive meetings and larger gatherings to comprehensively introduce Sukh Initiative as a family planning program being implemented in the periurban Karachi. This short video will create grounds for further discussions and deliberations with policy and decision-makers, politicians, health managers and senior administration and key stakeholders and representatives from the civil society, including the donor community.


The organisation hired for this assignment will undertake scripting in consultation with Center. In this respect, Center will provide all background and technical information.



Extended version should be 8–10 minutes with four adaptations that are 1.0-2 minutes long on each of the core components of the Initiative for their independent introduction


HD, Mark 2&3, Black Magic or similarly competitive formats


On original locations and settings, in focused communities of Karachi. No characters will be needed as all real communities and people will be shown


The video may start from the need and rationale of Sukh Initiative and then providing brief introduction the project, its various components and expected outcomes.


The video documentary will have at least four adaptations on key components of the Initiative.



The documentary will have voiceover, where needed, along with testimonials and endorsements.


The video documentary will be produced in English and Urdu Voiceovers


Urdu and English



The organisation may be based anywhere in Pakistan but would require working closely with the program team based in Karachi. For this activity, the base station may either be considered Karachi or Islamabad; regular Skype meetings may be required with Islamabad-based program team.


Center will provide background documents on Sukh Initiaitve to help agency develop the script. In addition, the Center will also provide web references to sample documentaries. Center will also facilitate the Agency in holding consultative meetings with the program staff.


As per the abovementioned creative aspects of the Video Brief, the interrelated parts of the assignment are as follows:


Point in


  1. Developing concept, outlines, scripting and visual sequencing submitted in English language for approval and production;

Week 1

  1. Deciding on production details i.e. locations, settings, background music etc. for approval and production;

Week 2

  1. Onsite shooting of project interventions, and required testimonials

Week 3

  1. Postproduction including branding, sequencing and subtitling; and

Week 4

  1. Finalization, including labelled and branded, containing auto-play versions of the long and short versions of video documentary in Urdu and English languages.

Week 4


  1. Detailed concept, script and visual sequencing [In English];
  2. Production plan;
  3. Submission of the first edited draft of full video documentary and its versions; and
  4. Properly labelled, branded, and containing auto play versions in Urdu and English languages of full and short versions on the approved media.


It is estimated that the assignment will not take more than four weeks to complete.


The agency must have:

  • Proven experience in developing quality mass-media outputs for all genres, especially video documentaries;
  • Its own studio, recording and editing facilities;
  • Previously worked on similar media content development that accommodate and reflect different cultural norms, preferences, traditions and dialects of Pakistan;  
  • Mobility and willingness to accept assignments at a short notice;
  • Previously worked on issues affecting health, preferably in the domain of reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health;
  • Previously worked with large development and aid organizations; and
  • Resources to develop accurate, high-quality mass-media products in Urdu and English languages.