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  • Experience in UIKit framework, Cocoa/Objective-C for mobile devices (e.g. iPhone).
  • Ability to develop against a variety of web architectures and services (HTTP, XML, SOAP, REST, etc.).
  • Experience managing projects in an SVN/Git environment.
  • Experience in programming languages such C/C++, Python, RSS and XML parsing is a plus.
  • Knowledge of Linux /  MAC operating systems.
  • Knowledge in applications such as streaming e.g. RTSP, HTTP live streaming is needed.
  • Experience of media codecs and multimedia transcoding related products (e.g. ffmpeg) is an advantage.
  • Driven by results and handling testing associated to the development.
  • Good communication skills in English.
  • Organized, focused working style.
  • Co-operative and persistent.


  • Bachelor’s level education or equivalent.
  • Know-how of complete software development life cycle.